What is Resentment

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What is Resentment

Postby Love To Talk » Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:03 pm

• Based on a real or imagined injury, we create and hold on to a wrong toward another; we choose to distort the truth. Rebellion and hence resentment are born. (Perhaps a more inclusive term, sin, would be more appropriate.)
• This distortion of reality produces a false spiritual high-- satisfaction, pleasure, and release from the conflict produced by our wrong. Rebellion and resentment fill a need (really a demand).
• We take nourishment from the resentment; it sustains us. It sustains the new reality, which is a lie. It hides our wrong; we don't have to face it and deal with it. Thus, resentment is used as a drug.
• To continue justifying this wrong to ourselves, we periodically play the incident back, winning the case in court against the other person every time. By thus reexperiencing the resentment, we seek to recapture the effect of the original high.
• Our use of resentment thus becomes habitual, producing more wrong, which requires more of the drug to cover it. The vicious cycle is set; it has a life of its own, unrelated to the initial event.
• Persistence in this habit produces distress. Part of us always knows when we're wrong: the lie doesn't square with something inside us, with what we see in the real world outside, and with inputs we get from others. Plus, we feel guilty for enjoying this unnatural ecstasy, and our isolation increases.
• We try abstaining from this inner spiritual habit, so we act outwardly toward the objects of our resentment as though we hold no wrong against them. But this pretense deprives us of our drug (resentment), creates a new lie that needs more drug, and forces us to treat the distress of withdrawal with the medicine that provides relief-more resentment.

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Re: What is Resentment

Postby lifelight » Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:42 am

If your heart is full of resentments, you are making your life difficult. Even though it can be hard, you have to let go of your resentments. You will be happy and you will have inner peace if you do that.

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Re: What is Resentment

Postby jjones58 » Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:33 am

ok, so my heart is full of resentment. HOw do I get rid of it?

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