Love is boring after having a kid

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Love is boring after having a kid

Postby boredwife » Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:05 am

I've been thinking if I should see a professional but I think I should give this a try.

So I just gave birth to a lovely baby girl 6 months ago and all of a sudden my hubby and I's relationship got boring. We love each other, I just dont feel like he's sexually attracted to me anymore. It's not about being horny, it's about my husband making me feel sexy even after all te stretchmarks I developed, the weight I gained, the hairloss and, the C-Section scar. I wish I can tell him but Im scared and Im not good in conversations (that's why obviously Im here). Sometimes I have the urge. I can, uhm, play with myself but I have a fucking husband and we sleep on the same bed. Since I gave birth we only had sex four times. I dont think about it's the age too, he's 42 and Im 27 but he's much healthier than me, he's got abs. Im 5'2" 150lbs, kinda overweight but he said he loves me no matter what. He partied alot and messed with alot of woman before we started dating, maybe he got bored of it. And since Im 27, I think I shoulda married and have a kid later. I dont think Im ready. I didnt want to get married and have a kid, but right after I moved in with him I got pregnant, had a miscarriage, got pregnant again after 2 months and was kinda forced by parents to get married. From that miscarriage, I noticed Ive changed, Im not as cheerful anymore and worsened with my 2nd pregnancy since it a very difficult one.

I often think about dying and slashing my wrist or pulling a trigger to head but Im scared of blood and the pain I feel before dying. I could leave my family but Im not selfish, I do love em. Im pretty much stuck here. Im still struggling to become a happy housewife & mom. Can someone relate here?

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Re: Love is boring after having a kid

Postby talkadmin » Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:56 pm

I know your post was months ago and your daughter is probably close or over 1 year old now. I hope you are a little happier. She's probably smiling and starting to crawl or maybe even ready for a few steps soon. You are her world and she would miss you if you were gone. I hope you seek some counseling or some support groups. There are many support groups.

So many women feel the way you felt back in December when you posted this. You are just one thought away from happiness. You are just one action away from changing your life.
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