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Postby forgotton » Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:56 pm

hi I found this place by doing a search some one to talk to. So here I am.
I am a woman who has been threw a lot of stuff in one person life time. I live in a small country town. I'm Missouri.
I am on a fix income. Of what the government says I need to live off of. I get a small disability income each month.
I worked at a job for over 15years. Until I could not do the work. I have lost all my close friends in last 10 years to moving away. to death.
I been living in my home for over 16teen years. I use to love to go fishing, I use to take pride in my garden, now I stay home in my home listing to the tv for another voice to hear that don't belong to me. I have no friends any more. no one been to my home to see me in six years. I was a member on a charity cars for almost three years I never missed a day of logging in. I was called a wh--- bit-- I tell the CEO It like so what! NO help, I stay on I lose out on a vehicle to another person who is from Missouri. she gets the vehicle because they say it was because the person who donation a vehicle was in her local area. I got hate mail saying I lost out because I had a blog up on there web site. I stay on Until three days ago I dropped out. Reason is my health 2 I live in a small country town 3 Missouri my local area does not like people like me. I would of got as much hate as if I stood on a corner with a sign that said give me your vehicle. I would get stuff throw at me told to get a job, stop begging. only thing is there would be no middle man to take credit for me getting a vehicle. What I am saying you join this charity There is no one to help you! so you put up with what you get. I did for almost 3 years. I have extra time in my day with nothing to do. so I am here talking to someone I never meet in my life. this is not what I thought it was. no one has any thing to say? talk to some one? I guse I am in the wrong place

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Re: HI

Postby sheep dog » Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:18 pm

I know you feel all alone, but you aren't. It looks like it's my turn too. I am getting older and find it difficult to make new friends. My mom, she doesn't have a car either and lives in a big city where it is hard to get help, much less even a ride to the grocery store. You have to keep trying. Maybe contact your local Salvation Army or some of the area churches closest to you. I keep being turned down for disability even though every step I take is very painful and I cannot stand or sit very long at a time.

Please know you aren't alone. Sometimes it takes a while to get people to talk to you.

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