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This forum is dedicated to discussions as it pertains to the addiction of Alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous members should post questions and share experience, strength, and hopeful stories a here.


hi! Just joined a while ago, looking for some tips and advice about my alcohol addiction (and weeds abuse too).
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What's your favorite type of alcoholic drink?

Are you a beer drinker or a hard liquor drinker? I drink beer but I like hard liquor more. I like the heat and the fast effect of hard liquor.
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What's your favorite brand of beer?

To the beer lovers here, what's the brand of your beer? Mine is Heineken. I love the quality and the taste. I also like Corona.
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How to say NO to alcohol?

I first drank alcohol because I was curious about it and because my friends and I thought it drinking alcohol was cool. We were very young back then. In the beginning I was an occasional drinker, but I found myself craving for more and more alcohol. Right now I find it hard to stay away from it.

To those who were in the same situation, how were you able to say NO to alcohol?
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When did you first drink alcohol?

I first tasted alcohol when I was 13. One of my friends stole a six-pack of Budweiser from his dad's stash of beers. He said his dad won't notice it anyway. Haha! Another friend joined us and the 3 of us drank the beer. I liked the taste of Budweiser right away. I was soon experimenting with other brands, courtesy of course of my friend whose dad was a drinker.
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Relapse after 5 years

I was doing fine for 5 years. I was able to stay away from alcohol which became my life since I was 15. But then I fractured my foot about 4 months ago and although I took pain relievers, it was still very painful, so I started drinking again to not feel the pain. I continued drinking even after my foot was already well. I only got back to my senses when I accidentally hit ...
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