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Here you will find forums where you can talk to someone about health related issues. If you are a Doctor, Naturopath, Nurse, Chiropractor, Dentist or other health practitioner please chime in here. Need a special forum in Health. Let us know.

I have gone through a sudden personality change.

Recently I just started feeling and acting different about everything, and everybody. I dont know why, I haven't been out of normal on my actions before hand, but now I'm almost a completely different person. The changes don't bother me, but it worries me because im not a good person anymore. Any answers as to why I've changed?
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3 Powerful Dieting Techniques That Add Control Towards Endea

For many people, portion control is the biggest hurdle. It is a common grievance among my friends and co-workers. They claim to eat all correct meals yet have a problem with their weight. Part control is more essential than anything else. Training your system to regularly overeat turns off the satiation indicators in your brain. As time passes, it becomes increasingly tough to turn those receptors back on, ultimately causing bad waistlines and a society ...
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Hard Weight Loss

Is there such a thing? You betcha. I admit there are a few of us that can't face the music with portions or whatever. I was that way when I started out. I take constant inventory via a food journal to watch for problems with certain foods. Some of us can eat whatever. But certain foods make me want too much of them. Identifying those foods helped me have a significant weight loss, which eventually ...
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Any Effective Treatment for cellulite???

My wife has been going for many cellulite treatments for the last few years and she still have cellulite. Why can’t those little bumps just disappear. Please Suggest me some good and effective treatments!

Joey Atlas
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tips for health

Sip Oolong Tea

Research suggests that people with mild eczema who drink oolong tea three times a day may show improvement in itching and other symptoms. Compounds in the tea called polyphenols appear to be responsible.

Packers and Movers in Thiruvanmiyur:LST
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Is snoring bad?

I'm a snorer. I was told I snore loudly. Is it bad when you snore? I'm not talking about the noise. What I mean is, is snoring a sign that you have a health problem? I hope not.
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Severe Headache

Before, I don't take medicines when I have a headache. But lately, when I have a headache, the pain is severe. I think it's migraine. The pain is unbearable that I have no choice but to take mefenamic acid. The pain goes away after several minutes. The problem is, I've been experiencing migraine a lot lately and I don't want to be dependent on pain relievers. What should I do?
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Ringing In The Ears

For quite some time now, I have been hearing a ringing sound in my ears. When it's quiet, like at night, the ringing becomes louder and I find it hard to sleep. Can this be cured?
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Impacted Wisdom Tooth

I have 3 wisdom teeth and 1 of them, the lower right one, is impacted. The impacted tooth is starting to be a bother. I clean it as best as I could but because it's impacted, there are some parts that I couldn't reach, and the tooth is starting to decay. It becomes very painful sometimes and it starting to smell bad, so I want to have it pulled. Do you think I should have ...
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Good choices on Thanksgiving

With all the different items being served at the table, how do you make good choices?
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