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Here you'll find all the forums where you can Talk to Someone and open new topics if you or someone you know is troubled by an addiction. You can create new topics or request new forums as they relate to addiction or different 12 step programs. Talk to someone and keep coming back.

Serenity Spoken Here

Fun recovery shirts and buttons with slogans to help you keep your serenity.
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—William Shakespeare

Our concept of control was flawed. This program leads us into a New World. Here we meet the fact that we are powerless to change some aspects of ourselves. But we can become ready to be changed. That makes all the difference. When we accept this truth, we are already changed and we are more in line with nature and the universe.

We can't make ourselves less perfectionistic, but we can become ready ...
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What is Resentment

• Based on a real or imagined injury, we create and hold on to a wrong toward another; we choose to distort the truth. Rebellion and hence resentment are born. (Perhaps a more inclusive term, sin, would be more appropriate.)
• This distortion of reality produces a false spiritual high-- satisfaction, pleasure, and release from the conflict produced by our wrong. Rebellion and resentment fill a need (really a demand).
• We take nourishment from ...
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Your Owners Manual

This has got to be the best book I've ever read. It's called Your Owners Manual. Written by Burt Hotchkiss.
I tried to post the URL but I don't have permissions yet. FYI -it seems you need to be on the board for at least a couple weeks and have a few posts before you can post URLs. I'll be back.

Your Self-Esteem is Enhanced and reduced by Giving, Not Getting.
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What is Addiction

Addiction may be defined as the continued use of a mood altering substance or behaviour despite adverse consequences. It may also be a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors. Addictions can include, but are not limited to, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, gambleing, and over eating to name a few. Classic signs of addiction can include: impaired control over substances and/or behaviours, a preoccupation with substance and/or behaviours, the continued use or behavior despite consequences, and ...
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Addiction Forum Anonymity

When posting in Additiction forums please do not break anyone's anonymity if they are in a 12 step program. Please be sure to read the rules of the addiction forums.
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