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Anyone can post anything here. Want to send cudo's to another member or a shout out to someone. Have a complaint and you need guidance in order to turn into gratitude, or do you just want to bitch about something?
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I Just Having a Hard Time

Sorry its so long!!!
I wonder how I'm supposed to feel I have been fine for the most part but for some reason everything has become so much more sad. I've always been known to be the sweetest girl in the world(I don't see it) and I have these so called friends but, I also have this twin sister. She is such a pain in the butt and never understands what other people are feeling ...
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It sad when you

I am trying to take care off stuff. like a will, what I want when I die. Over the years I raised two kids No extra help with field trips, school swim team,
I always found away to get the money by taking a second job, selling a gold ring. today I am trying to sell my mothers ring. way to many who wants it for very little..14kt yellow gold 5 diamonds size 8? This ...
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tangled family issues

Hi, I just found this site and joined the other day. I have a lot of problems (mostly family related) that I want to share with someone. I hope this is an appropriate category for this.

I don't know if anyone could really help me, I just want to talk about some of my problems, and get things off my chest, because I can't really talk to anyone in my family right now.

(Sorry, after ...
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I missed this wonderful forum!

The title says it all. It's been quite some time since I last visited this forum. Out of the blue, I thought of this forum earlier and told myself I'll visite here again. So here I am. :)

This forum is really nice and though there are not so many members yet, I think the members are nice.
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I Hate My Neighbor And His Dog!

My neighbor's dog barks so loudly and it wakes me up sometimes. I wouldn't mind it much if it happens in the afternoon, but early morning?! C'mon! I already talked to my neighbor once and he was apologetic and promised his dog won't disturb my sleep anymore. It went well for a week or two. I don't know what he did to his dog. But after that the loud barking resumed. I hate them both! ...
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Talk to or Talk About?

Wouldn't a lot of problems in the world dissapear if we just learned to talk TO Eech Other instead of About Each Other.
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