a girlfriend unsure she loves you anymore

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a girlfriend unsure she loves you anymore

Postby Taz1300 » Thu May 14, 2015 10:15 pm

So I have been this girls best friend for 5 years we met in biology class freshman year. I joined the army senior year and the day of my graduation she flew all the way to Georgia just for me that day I finally asked her to be my girlfriend she said yes and from there my life got alot happier by November I came home and we started hanging out she would take days off of work to see me we even would go to our park (one we would walk to when we were younger) anyway as time went on we started arguing about things how she worked to much or some days she would not even talk to me so we both came down and argued one day she started getting mad and said she wasn't sure she loved me that I was on her bad side and wanted to break up me not wanting to lose my best friend I suggested a week of us together to try and jump start our relationship but she wanted a break to get away for a while I was okay with that but after a week it was madness and we started talking again I have drill this weekend and after she will pick me up on Sunday like she always dose and I hope it leads to her remembering how much I mean to her. After Sunday I get my week I know she will love me and know it will be okay just if a week was hell what would the rest of my life be like without her

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Re: a girlfriend unsure she loves you anymore

Postby talkadmin » Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:54 am

So what happened that Sunday?
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